Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 13 of Mono Madness

Sleep & Rest: 8 hours of sleep with a couple of interruptions.
Kundalini Yoga: 30 minutes of core exercises, meditation & kriyas.
Sun & Air: Super fun sunbath.
Sweat & Fun: Ran stair repeats (3 sets x 10). Almost everyday has been a stair workout because it's a good stress reliever for me & I need it these days. Getting ready for 2-3 months of travel is overheating my brain. :) Counting & running steps is a great way to take a break from thinking too much.
Mono Meals: Korean melons / Durian / Raisins / Bananas
Creative Work: Yes. Creative favor for friend,.
Give - Share: Bought a durian for a friend. But then I ate it! I will try to get them another & bring it to them tonight.
Incorporeal Bliss: Bliss is still on the way. :) It's early. The day has been wonderful though. So far so good. Watching this video & smiling was definitely bliss. :)

Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 12 of Mono Madness

Sleep & Rest: About 9 hours of sleep with a couple of interruptions.
Kundalini Yoga: About 30 minutes of meditation & kriyas.
Sun & Air: 45 minute sunbath, & lunch outside.
Sweat & Fun: Nope. Didn't get around to sweating. Had to focus on art stuff all day. Did walk quite a bit though.
Mono Meals: Watermelon / Durian / Fresh corn
Creative Work: Painted & decorated a wall, contributed a few ideas & sketches to a gallery.
Give - Share: Donated money to "30Bananas-a-Day". Gave an idea. Gave about 5 smiles. Gave 2 hugs.
Incorporeal Bliss: Believing that nothing is mine & that I am everything is bliss. Pure bliss. When I think like this it's heaven on earth.

Day 11 of Mono Madness

Sleep & Rest: 7 solid hours.
Kundalini Yoga: nope.
Sun & Air: Fun air bath :) & lots of sunshine, also exercised in the park.
Sweat & Fun: Ran stair repeats (3 sets x 10) in the rain!
Mono Meals: 1.5 watermelons, the rest was not mono. I wish it was... Young coconut & mixed berry smoothie for lunch, & dinner out with a friend, I had a raw veggie pie on mixed greens. :( Ugh. Was tasty, but now my belly aches & my nose feels stuffy. I can't breathe fully. All I know is, I'm going right back to where I left off. Back to what works.  
Note to self: Slip-ups are never worth it.  
Another note to self: Mono fruits meals are always my best meals.
Creative Work: Only brainstorming.
Give - Share: Shared my thoughts. Gave a movie ticket. Gave a compliment. Gave a hug. Offered to share my food. Gave advice. Gave a smile.
Incorporeal Bliss: being spontaneous is bliss. Been making last minute plans left & right. Feels amazing.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 10 of Mono Madness

Sleep & Rest: 8 solid hours. :)
Kundalini Yoga: I might skip it today, or I might do some meditating. Not sure yet.
Sun & Air: Exercised in the park. Yay!
Sweat & Fun: Ran stair repeats (3 sets x 10) & walked alternate steps (3 sets x 5).
Mono Meals: Watermelon / Durian / Fresh Corn
Creative Work: Lots of brain storming & reaching out to folks that could help with projects.
Give - Share: Gave awareness & compassion. I picked up some broken glass on the steps in the park. Didn't want anyone to hurt themselves.
Incorporeal Bliss: Trust. Trusting is awesome. It feels so damn good.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 9 of Mono Madness

"I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends." - Abraham Lincoln
Sleep & Rest: Almost 9 hours of sleep with only 2 interruptions. Woohoo! Happy me!
Kundalini Yoga: 20 minutes of kriyas.
Sun & Air: Outside exercise session & lots of walking.
Sweat & Fun: Ran stair repeats (3 sets x 5) in the park & ran around the park for a tiny bit, then ran home.
Mono Meals: Watermelon all day so far. Not sure what's for dinner.
Creative Work: Not really.
Give - Share: Gave someone a chance.
Incorporeal Bliss: Oooo… Loved looking at light play while running in the park. Really beautiful shadows in different shades & shapes coming from the trees. Lots of flickering lights & highlights on various things creating various colors. All a joy to see. Like magic.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 8 of Mono Madness

Sleep & Rest: 6 hours of sleep & 2 much needed naps!
Kundalini Yoga: 30 minutes of spine & core exercises.
Sun & Air: Outside exercise session!
Sweat & Fun: Ran stair repeats (3 sets x 10)
Mono Meals: Watermelon / Baby bananas / Blended young coconut, black berries & baby bananas (obviously not a mono meal, but I didn't feel like making my dinner out of only one of them & it's all I had here at home, so I ate them mixed, wasn't too bad, tasted like a berry yogurt), But! shortly after that I was hungry again & went to the store & bought ears of organic corn & loose baby greens that were grown in my neighborhood. I ate them plain, as is. I enjoyed them. :)
Creative Work: Yes! Did several things to help my new business & I worked on a drawing for the new website.
Give - Share: I shared my day with friends. (Including the friends here!) I also said thanks (gave thanks) to 3 people via email.
Incorporeal Bliss: The wind. I am speechless when it comes to the wind. It's bliss for me. The best feeling ever. Especially a cool breeze on a warm day. And if I am a little sweaty after exercise, even better! It makes me feel so alive.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 7 of Mono Madness

Early post today, it's only 1:30pm....
Sleep & Rest: Only 4 hours of sleep. :(
Kundalini Yoga: Nothing yet.
Sun & Air: Fresh air & sunshine on my friends roof. Yay!
Sweat & Fun: Nothing yet.
Mono Meals: Baby bananas for breakfast & Watermelon for lunch, not sure what's for diner.
Creative Work: Worked on art studio
Give - Share: Gave 2 hugs!
Incorporeal Bliss: Happy thoughts about seeing my mom in two weeks. I'll be popping in right before her birthday. I can't wait.

Day 6 of Mono Madness

Sleep & Rest: About 8 hours of sleep.
Kundalini Yoga: Nope.
Sun & Air: Lots of sunshine this afternoon walking around & a good rooftop sunbath this morning.
Sweat & Fun: Lots of hauling & working in the heat. Non-stop sweating, but not very fun. It's OK though. I was happy to get exercise while working & I was happy to sweat. So it all worked out.
Mono Meals: Durian / Lots of coconut water / Baby bananas
Creative Work: No, worked on preparing for my trip.
Give - Share: Gave a panhandler a dollar.
Incorporeal Bliss: Believing that I am completely taken care of by the universe & all is well is bliss.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 5 Mono Madness

Sleep & Rest: About 9 hours of sleep.
Kundalini Yoga: Yes, meditation & kriyas.
Sun & Air: Rainy day today.
Sweat & Fun: 30 minutes of mixed exercises. Some were from Zuzana's site & others were from various methods.
Mono Meals: Watermelon all day, & a mixed salad in the evening. I know! It's not a mono dinner. So it's considered a cheat. But it was a really simple mixed veggie-fruit salad on a bed of simple lettuces. Very light & earthy. Nothing fancy. No avocado or any thing fatty. Just veggie-fruits, roots & shoots.
Creative Work: Worked on artstudio clear-out & a little on website.
Give - Share: Gave advice to a friend's friend who is ill. Gave encouragement to my nephew. Gave myself "a good-talkin' to" & told myself not to stress about the future. It's wasted energy & usually negative thinking.
Incorporeal Bliss: Meditating & feeling what it feels like to just be. Love it.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 4 of Mono Madness

Sleep & Rest: Maybe 6 hours or less of sleep. I did spend time resting & taking it easy today because I was tired.
Kundalini Yoga: Only meditation.
Sun & Air: Lots of sunshine & fresh air today. Yay!
Sweat & Fun: Just walking today, no serious sweating or working out. Too tired for a workout. I felt spent. No enough sleep this week. I need to catch-up.
Mono Meals: Watermelon all day, blended plantains in the evening. 
Creative Work: Nope. Same as yesterday. 
Give - Share: Gave my opinion & personal experience.
Incorporeal Bliss: Sitting in the sun & feeling content. Content with nothing. Nothing but the sun on my back & the wind in my hair. Bliss.

Day 3 of Mono Madness

Sleep & Rest: Maybe 7 hours of pretty good sleep & lots of meditative moments.
Kundalini Yoga: Again, sorry to say, "not today".
Sun & Air: Lots of hanging out outdoors, running errands & fast walking.
Sweat & Fun: Only a little (see above).
Mono Meals: Mangoes for breakfast & lunch, blended plantains for dinner.
Creative Work: Nope. Same as yesterday. Just lots of things to prepare for my 2 month trip. 
Give - Share: Treated a friend to a concert.
Incorporeal Bliss: Feeling free & unlimited after being able to easily send mobile phone text messages to Ethiopia.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 2 of Mono Madness

Sleep: I can't remember. It wasn't enough, I'll tell you that.
Kundalini: Nothing nothing. :( No mediation or asanas.
Sun: 45 minutes of sunshine.
Sweat: Not really. I did exercise though. Plenty of walking.
Fuel: Nothing but Haitian Mangoes all day. :) Yay!
Work: Only errands & appointments.
Give: Bought a coconut water for a friend.
Bliss: Hearing Rufus Wrainright live tonight. Concert in the park under the stars.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Last day of "Happy Sol" Fiesta - Let the Mono Madness Begin!

I'm stopping the clock. This is the last day of the "Happy Sol" fiesta. I'm switching gears again. Let the mono madness begin! I'm going to eat only mono style for 3 weeks. Did I not say, "until the next challenge comes up. Aimee-craziness is always in the works". I live for this stuff! It's so silly & so much fun. It gives me a boost & I always learn from it. OK, so anyway, I'm shooting for 21 days, starting today, of only mono meals. That means one type of fruit or veggie at a time. I'm totally open to eating them back to back. Like a pint of cherry tomatoes followed by a bunch of baby spinach, etc. In different forms is OK too. Like fresh orange juice or lettuce juice. As long as it stands alone for a bit in my belly it's good to go. :)

Day 1
Sleep: 9.5 solid hours. Yay!
Kundalini: Not really. Only some meditating while sunbathing,
Sun: Yes! 2 hours of sunshine & fresh air.
Sweat: Sweated all day clearing things out of the apartment. Lots of hauling & stair climbing.
Fuel: Nothing but watermelon all day.
Work: Worked all day on clearing out my art studio.
Give: Donated 3 boxes & 1 bag full of stuff to the Salvation Army.
Bliss: Watching the clouds move. They were so majestic today. Full of contrast.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 12 "Happy Sol" Fiesta

"The best way to predict your future is to create it!" - Abraham Lincoln
Sleep: Another long story. I took my A/C out of my bedroom to go "natural" & eco-friendly & it was a disaster. Mosquito bites that woke me up & unpleasant heat that kept me up. Terrible. The A/C is going back in the room. I need some sleep.
Kundalini: Amazing meditation session at 5am. (I couldn't sleep, so I settled for meditation.)
Sun: Super sweet sunbathing sessions in the early morning & evening.
Sweat: Walked stairs. 3 sets x 10. Too tired to run them since I barely slept at all last night.
Fuel: Mixed mashed banana, soaked chia, soaked raisin / Bananas / Arugula & romaine salad with cherry tomatoes & avocado with sun dried carrot-tomato sauce. (I should have left out the avocado. It was better without it.)
Work: Cleared out art studo closet. I only made a large dent! I have to continue tomorrow.
Give: Lots of things bagged & boxed for charity. I will begin dropping them off on Monday.
Bliss: Ahhh... finding a house music party in the park. There was also a drumming circle. Such beautiful, free & natural people. Dancing like pure spirits. It was lovely to feel & to watch. I was inspired.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 11 "Happy Sol" Fiesta

Sleep: 10 hours in bed, 9 hours asleep. -Yay!
Sun: Will be heading over to the park in about 30 minutes.
Kundalini: I did asanas & kriyas this morning. Hoping to do meditation & pranayama tonight. 
Work: Worked on subletting my place for 2 months while I travel & work on new ideas. Posted an Ad.
Give: Gave my 2 cents. I said how I felt. :)
Sweat: Will be heading over to the park to do another stair climbing session. I can't wait. Sweat city!
Fuel: Mint-carob-banana smoothies (fresh mint, dates, banana, raw carob) / Shredded callaloo & cabbage smothered in sun sauce (sun dried tomatoes, fresh cilantro, carrot, cucumber, red bell peppers)
Bliss: Watching, reading or listening to Ram Dass is bliss for me. In him I find such connection & peace. Or should I say, in being with him I am better able to be with me. To find connection & peace with me. Or rather, within me. 

Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 10 "Happy Sol" Fiesta

Sleep: No comment, long story. :(
Kundalini: No yoga today.
Sun: Super sunny outdoor workout.
Sweat: Super sweaty outdoor workout. Ran to the park, then ran stair repeats in the park (3 sets x 10).
Fuel: Mint-carob banana smoothie / Bananas (two types, minis & cavandish) / Haitian mangoes / Callaloo fruit stew (<-- the Callaloo was grown by my neighbors!)
Work: Yep. Worked on my new business.
Give: I supported 3 local business that I believe in today.
Bliss: The best feeling today. I bought loads of veggies from a new farmer's stand that I found. This stand only sells food grown in my neighborhood. All grown & picked by the hands of my neighbors. Wow! What a gift. I will try to shop there every chance I get! I'm so glad I found it. I saw them last week as I was walking to the park. I've never seen them before. Not sure if this is new or not, but who cares. -I'm excited!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 9 "Happy Sol" Retreat

OK, I'm changing things again. New format. And the "Happy Sol" retreat will be an active one, not filled with reading & resting like I thought. It needs to be filled with work & fun instead! :) Also, it will be for 21 days instead of 11. And there won't be a part 2. This is it!
...Until the next crazy Aimee plan of course.
Sleep: 7.5 hours
Kundalini: Nothing yet. I will meditate & do some kriyas tonight.
Sun: Worked-out in the park in full sun.
Sweat: Ran stair repeats, 3 sets x 10.
Work: Worked on paperwork & web stuff.
Give: Donated 2 boxes of stuff to the Salvation Army.
Bliss: Being home alone with wacky music playing & feeling breezes blow through the window.
Fuel: Limeade / Chia-blueberry-lime drink / Blended veggie gazpacho / Raisin-celery drink

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 8 "Happy Sol" Retreat

:) !
Wake Up Early: Nope. But I did get a super-lovely 8.5 hours of sleep. Yay!
Sun & Fun: I got some sun walking around town with friends.
Kundalini Yoga: Not today. But I did climb LOTS of stairs & work up a super sweat. I didn't run them, just walked 'em. :) Did 3 sets x 20 of stair repeats in the park & climbed about 15-20 flights in various locations throughout the day today.
Read & Study: I read a little about kundalini yoga.
Creative Work: A little on my new website (coming soon).
Everyday Bliss: So many! I loved working out at sunset & seeing the light change so many times & various ways, I loved the feeling of plush grass & spongy dirt as I walked across fields in my vibrams, I loved giving my best friends (that I haven't seen in over 6 months) hugs & hugging their friends goodbye that I just met, and... the serene feeling when it rains & the city is covered with grey soft light. I love it. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 7 "Happy Sol" Retreat

"Infinite love is the only truth. Everything else is illusion" - David Icke
Wake Up Early: Woh. This was crazy. I went to bed at 5 or 6am & woke up with no alarm clock at 9 or 10am. Not the best, not part of the plan. I'm workin' on it. More quality Zzzz coming soon.
Sun & Fun: Super humid rainy cloudy day.
Kundalini Yoga: Not today. I decided to skip it & go with the flow of the day. I did sweat like crazy running errands & doing laundry. So I did get some exercise.
Read & Study: A little.
Creative Work: Worked a little on my new website.
Everyday Bliss: Having fun with my friends, chatting about feelings & life with my brother,  starting over, giving myself some slack, hearing the rain, listing to music, watching the wind, getting things done, being me, loving it all, living for today. All bliss. All bliss.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 6 "Happy Sol" Retreat

Wake Up Early: Yep, woke up at 5am again with no alarm. Put on my morning chant CD & went right back to bed & slept like a baby! I woke up later with a huge smile on my face.
Sun & Fun: Yes, sun bathing & lots of fresh air!
Kundalini Yoga: Practiced asanas.
Read & Study:  A little.
Creative Work: A little.
Everyday Bliss: Laughing. Heard a few funny things today. I would share them, but I can't remember what they were. I just remember laughing. :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 5 "Happy Sol" Retreat

Wake Up Early: I did. It was a little past 5am. But I basically put on a relaxing chant CD & went back to bed.
Sun & Fun: Nope. :( Too busy.
Kundalini Yoga: Practiced my asanas & kriyas. Hope to do my meditation & pranayama later.
Read & Study: Nothing yet. 
Creative Work: Sorry to say, not yet. :( I had to take care of some important things (time sensitive) that came-up out of the blue before beginning my work today.
Everyday Bliss: I noticed that the cold showers aren't so shocking anymore. Kind of the norm. Regardless it's still a wonderful feeling & a great ritual. 

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 4 "Happy Sol" Retreat

Wake Up Early: Nope. 
Jeesh. I think I need to go on a media fast. I was so tired last night but wouldn't let myself sleep. I couldn't stop watching a (long) David Icke video. Anyway, I woke up rested this morning, but believe me, it wasn't before 7am like I wanted.
Sun & Fun: Worked out in the park. Stair repeats (3 sets x10).
Kundalini Yoga: Had a super good time doing my asanas, meditation, pranayama & kriyas. Yay! I also did some skin brushing & took a cold shower before I started my yoga practice. Oo la la. Bliss!
Read & Study: No & yes. I did study, but not my Natural Hygiene manual.
Creative Work: Yes. A little. Same as yesterday.
Everyday Bliss: Someone helping you just when you need it. 
Super BIG-heart-felt-thanks to the FedEx delivery man that brought my new futon mattress upstarts (3 flights) without saying a word. What a sweetheart! I didn't even ask him. I came outside of my apt after he rang my bell & saw him making his way up. I'm so grateful. :) "Thanks Mr. FedEx Guy!"

Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 3 "Happy Sol" Retreat

Wake Up Early: Yes! Up naturally at 5:45am, no alarm clock. But went back to bed later because I was still sleepy. Went to bed way-way too late last night. Note to self: Getting up early is best when getting to bed early!
Sun & Fun: Yes, spent a few hours in the park. :)
Kundalini Yoga: No. :(  I ran out of time. I spent way too much time today watching TED videos. [one is listed below]
Read & Study: A little.
Creative Work: Worked on some creative crafty projects & some website/business development.
Everyday Bliss: Listening to early morning chants in the quiet early morning hours. I played my Amrit Vela CD.
Here is one of the many videos I watched today...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 2 "Happy Sol" Retreat

Wake Up Early: Not exactly. Went to bed late last night.
Sun & Fun: YES! Spent lots of quality time in the park sunning, breathing & being.
Kundalini Yoga: I did about 1 hour this afternoon, I plan on doing more tonight.
Read & Study: No, but I will before bed.
Creative Work: Only blogging. Tomorrow I will do more.
Everyday Bliss: Feeling an energetic tingle in my hands & a happy warmth in my heart after doing a kundalini kriya. 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

11 Day "Happy Sol" Retreat (Part 1 of 2)

I have a new adventure. The next 11 days I will create a super positive transformational retreat for myself. (-Then I have another plan for the 11 days after that!) This 1st part of the retreat will be foodless, after it's over I will go back to posting my daily eats.
Here is the daily plan....
Wake Up Early: Before 7am would be grand. Before 5am would be out of this world!
Sun & Fun: Fresh morning sun bathing & fresh air breathing before 10am.
Kundalini Yoga: Daily practice of meditation, pranayama & kriyas.
Read & Study: Finish reading TC Fry Natural Hygiene manual (2,500 pages!).
Creative Work: Work on creative projects, especially new website I'm developing.
Everyday Bliss: Record & share a blissful moment. Or even better, moment-s!
Here is what happened today...
Wake Up Early: Sorry to say I didn't even sleep last night. I was up all night at a darshan event with the "hugging saint" Amma. I was there from 6:30pm to almost 6:00 am the next day.
Sun & Fun: No sunbathing. Day got off to an odd start because I got home so late.
Kundalini Yoga: Nope. See above for explanation.
Read & Study: Nope. See above for explanation.
Creative Work: Work on my blogs.
Everyday Bliss: Had this really fun moment soaping my hands & forearms. :) I just got so present to the feeling of it. Felt amazing. How come washing my hands isn't bliss all the time? Looks like I need to be open, grateful & present more often.
Here is a video of Amma...

THE HUG I got this morning....
I didn't cry at all or feel super-moved.
But I have to say. Amma smelled SO GOOD! Wow! (Maybe the flower garland?)
And during the hug I felt this deep dark expansiveness in her bosom. Felt like true space, like supreme spaciousness.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Hello You! ;)

I have had some busy days. It's been fun. Haven't been able to post the long "check-ins" that I usually do. But starting tomorrow I have a new plan. Another crazy challenge that I want to try. :) It will be for 11 days. -More on that soon! 

Yesterday I ate Orange wedges, Haitian mangoes & Watermelon. Today I am having a fruity lunch picnic with a friend, & before I meet them I may have some Mangoes or something. I'm a little hungry right now. 

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Quick Post :)

Ate mangoes & oranges for breakfast & lunch. And a big arugula-napa cabbage-tomato-avocado chopped salad with gazpacho soup as dressing for dinner. (I repeated "thank you thank you thank you" as I ate it!)

Last few days...

Wow. The last few days were really busy and flew by. It's been mostly orange wedges & Haitian mangoes. Durian a few times. And a new veggie meal I really like, napa cabbage with carrot & avocado. The napa cabbage is great plan too! Sweet, juicy & crispy. I like it very much.