Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 13 of Mono Madness

Sleep & Rest: 8 hours of sleep with a couple of interruptions.
Kundalini Yoga: 30 minutes of core exercises, meditation & kriyas.
Sun & Air: Super fun sunbath.
Sweat & Fun: Ran stair repeats (3 sets x 10). Almost everyday has been a stair workout because it's a good stress reliever for me & I need it these days. Getting ready for 2-3 months of travel is overheating my brain. :) Counting & running steps is a great way to take a break from thinking too much.
Mono Meals: Korean melons / Durian / Raisins / Bananas
Creative Work: Yes. Creative favor for friend,.
Give - Share: Bought a durian for a friend. But then I ate it! I will try to get them another & bring it to them tonight.
Incorporeal Bliss: Bliss is still on the way. :) It's early. The day has been wonderful though. So far so good. Watching this video & smiling was definitely bliss. :)


Maite Ikaran said...

Hey Aimee, I am just curious on how you do the stair repeats. Is it outdoors? And what is exactly a set? I have stairs at home and might start making the most of it.

By the way, love the Mono Madness initiative.. cool!


I do them in the park. It's fun. All you need are steps! There are three sets (3 levels). I run all three up & down as one. I do it 10 times. I love it! Great as a moving meditation.
These are the steps..

Maite Ikaran said...

Wow, those are impressive stairs! Looks like real fun, yes... Thanks a lot!

max said...

durian monomeal, anytime, yeah

Greenmama said...

I've been dying to try Korean melons and to try growing them in my garden. I need a couple of acres to grow everything I want to try! :)

I hardly have been reading blogs this summer, but when I do, I feel such joy reading yours and seeing all the excitement and joy you have in your life!




Thanks Marjorie! I'm always happy to see you. Keep me posted on your Koren melons. What a great goal to have. :) Maybe on e day I will be able to plant fruits too. -Oo la la! ;D)