Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 12 of Mono Madness

Sleep & Rest: About 9 hours of sleep with a couple of interruptions.
Kundalini Yoga: About 30 minutes of meditation & kriyas.
Sun & Air: 45 minute sunbath, & lunch outside.
Sweat & Fun: Nope. Didn't get around to sweating. Had to focus on art stuff all day. Did walk quite a bit though.
Mono Meals: Watermelon / Durian / Fresh corn
Creative Work: Painted & decorated a wall, contributed a few ideas & sketches to a gallery.
Give - Share: Donated money to "30Bananas-a-Day". Gave an idea. Gave about 5 smiles. Gave 2 hugs.
Incorporeal Bliss: Believing that nothing is mine & that I am everything is bliss. Pure bliss. When I think like this it's heaven on earth.


Andel Leon said...

Is durian another name for soursop?? I was reading about the fruit here and it seems like a God send fruit. If it isnt the same fruit are there any relations because they sure look alike.


Hi Andel,
Soursop is totally different.
Try to go to an Asian grocery store or fruit stand where you live to try Durian. You will see, they are very different. :) But yes, they have spikes. But Durian fruit has bigger spikes. It's a fun (& dangerous) fruit. :) Watch out for the spikes!