Wednesday, July 7, 2010

11 Day "Happy Sol" Retreat (Part 1 of 2)

I have a new adventure. The next 11 days I will create a super positive transformational retreat for myself. (-Then I have another plan for the 11 days after that!) This 1st part of the retreat will be foodless, after it's over I will go back to posting my daily eats.
Here is the daily plan....
Wake Up Early: Before 7am would be grand. Before 5am would be out of this world!
Sun & Fun: Fresh morning sun bathing & fresh air breathing before 10am.
Kundalini Yoga: Daily practice of meditation, pranayama & kriyas.
Read & Study: Finish reading TC Fry Natural Hygiene manual (2,500 pages!).
Creative Work: Work on creative projects, especially new website I'm developing.
Everyday Bliss: Record & share a blissful moment. Or even better, moment-s!
Here is what happened today...
Wake Up Early: Sorry to say I didn't even sleep last night. I was up all night at a darshan event with the "hugging saint" Amma. I was there from 6:30pm to almost 6:00 am the next day.
Sun & Fun: No sunbathing. Day got off to an odd start because I got home so late.
Kundalini Yoga: Nope. See above for explanation.
Read & Study: Nope. See above for explanation.
Creative Work: Work on my blogs.
Everyday Bliss: Had this really fun moment soaping my hands & forearms. :) I just got so present to the feeling of it. Felt amazing. How come washing my hands isn't bliss all the time? Looks like I need to be open, grateful & present more often.
Here is a video of Amma...

THE HUG I got this morning....
I didn't cry at all or feel super-moved.
But I have to say. Amma smelled SO GOOD! Wow! (Maybe the flower garland?)
And during the hug I felt this deep dark expansiveness in her bosom. Felt like true space, like supreme spaciousness.

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