Friday, October 22, 2010

Hello Fellow Fruit Lovers!

Today is a Celebration!
Believe it or not, this blog has 500 days of fruity meals posted. I've learned so much on this fruity journey! I have grown in so many ways & have new ideas that I want to explore.

This will be the end of The Nasty Fruit Blog. But, it is just beginning for what is next!

My life is lived like the seasons. Sometimes I'm overzealous about fruit, other times it might be an intense yoga challenge or working on a new creative project.  And every now & then I like to take a complete break from everything by fasting for a while. It changes from time to time, but the things I love pretty much stay the same.

Right now my focus is on my Sunday Is For Lovers blog. It has a new update every Sunday & it is filled with positive news. :) Check it out!

So my friends, I hope you will continue to share the journey with me. Thank you for being so generous & open with your support on this blog. :) I really appreciate it. - I'll see you over at Sunday Is For Lovers! 

... PS! :) If you still want daily updates, I'm on Twitter [aimeelovesyou] & Facebook [aimeelovesyouxo] sharing inspiration & news daily! ♥ Xx!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Water- 0.5 liter, I know, very little, will do better.
Sun- Outdoor walks & workout.
Sweat- Ran almost full-out (faster than usual) from El Cerrito to Berkeley.
Strength-  Long walk with heavy fruit load.
Stretch- Nothing yet. maybe tonight...
Sweets- Liter of fresh OJ / Hachiya persimmons / Tuscan melon / Fresh figs / Passion fruit (-My first time trying passion fruit! I loved it. It was like eating dinosaur eggs. In an erotic fruity sort of way.)
Veggies- None.
Courage- Going to SF often when it costs me more money (that I don't have). I don't care! I'll take the chance. I'm having a ball! :)
Creativity- Created a new format for my fruit blog. Starting tomorrow it's going to be a BEING blog. :) It can be a Fruity Being blog. But it will be other things too. More to come on that!
Bliss!- Feeling feminine. :) / Sitting outside looking at the SF bay waves & ferryboats, feeling cool air, listening to Philip Glass & working on laptop. -Orgasmic bliss! ;) / A really fun call with one of my old-time NYC friends. / My dad & I have the same fav fruits. (Hachiya persimmons ..& fresh figs ..& avocados) - I love that! / Helping a friend in need.


Water- 1 liter
Sun- Outdoor walks & workout.
Sweat- Ran from El Cerrito to Berkeley. / Long walk with fruit load.
Strength- 4 rounds, of 10 exercises, 20 reps each: loop runs, vertical stairs, dips, push-ups, single leg step ups, hop ups, j-jacks, modified pull ups, hanging leg lifts.
Stretch- 2 yoga poses (cobra & wheel).
Sweets- Hachiya persimmon / Papaya (large one) / Sweet lemonade
Veggies- Big bowl of mixed veggies with avocado & dill. / Broccoli with blended dip.
Courage-Doing my strength training in the park with people watching. Grrr... I wish they didn't watch me, but I went ahead with it anyway.
Creativity-Nope. Just creative thoughts.
Bliss!- Discussing reading, theories & books with my dad. / Seeing a really-really beautiful movie. I enjoyed it so much. It was called Undertow. Please see it if you can...

Monday, October 18, 2010


Water- 1 liter.
Sun- Good times spent outdoors. The sun & the breeze make for great play mates. :)
Sweat- Ran from El Cerrito to Berkeley. / Long walk with fruit load.
Strength- Nothing.
Sweets- Hachiya persimmons / Fresh figs / Fresh grapefruit juice / Guava
Veggies- Raw pattypan squash noodles with avo-cilantro sauce.
Courage- Putting even more personal info on my new website. (*gulp*)
Creativity- I re-worked the new AimeeLovesBeing page on my website. Take a look! Tell me if you find mistakes or have feedback (by sending a private email from the website contact page, or you can comment on this post). -Thanks for your help! :)
..You also have the option of leaving a comment on one of the website pages if you like.
Bliss!- Seeing little birds in the neighborhood. They are so cute, colorful & small. / Seeing my mom happy. / Talking to a friend in NYC & missing home, -but knowing I have a plane ticket back & I'll be there soon. / Being able to be me. :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Water- 1 liter.
Sun- Walking & running outdoors.
Sweat- Ran non-stop from El Cerrito to Berkeley.
Strength- Not really.
Stretch- Nope.
Sweets- Hachiya persimmons / Fresh figs / Fresh O.J. / Cherimoya / Dried cherries & raisins (with nuts).
Veggies- None.
Courage- Doing a a few push-ups in front of my dad & mom. (They were having a strength training conversation. The topic of push-ups came up.)
Creativity- Re-working a few of my internet projects.
Bliss!- Feeling at home. :) I was near the ocean today. When I'm near water that moves I feel like I'm back home.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Water- 1.5 liters.
Sun- Walking outdoors. / Exercising in the park.
Sweat- Exercising in the park.
Strength- 4 sets x 20 reps of 10 different exercises; run A, run B, dips, elevated push-ups, modified chin-ups, j-jacks, hanging leg-lifts, vertical stairs, single leg side hops, double leg hop-ups.
Stretch- Nope. (I know, it's bad.)
Sweets- Hachiya persimmon -First one of the season for me. I was so excited while eating it I think I accidentally ate the produce sticker! I'm not sure. Maybe it didn't have one, I don't remember. It all happened so fast. Persimmons are my favorite fruit. So you can see why after a whole year of not having one I might get a little carried away. :) / Frozen apple-pears & baby banana smoothie. (-super sweet!)
Veggies- Pattypan summer squash & red shredded cabbage mixed with cilantro dressing.
Courage- Not allowing my over-thinking about things (mostly future things which is even more silly) to hinder my moving forward & being productive.
Creativity- Spent time re-writing part of the AimeeLovesBeing page on my website. I will keep you posted for when the revision will be posted. I'm crossing my fingers for Monday morning.
Bliss!- Feeling a cool breeze on a sunny day.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Water- 1.5 liters.
Sun- Walking outdoors.
Sweat- Nope. Just walking chop-chop, but not fast or long enough for a good sweat.
Strength- Nope.
Stretch- Nope.
Sweets- Jujube & baby banana smoothie. (-super sweet!)
Veggies- Lots of pattypan summer squash dish mixed with pesto-like avocado basil dressing & red shredded cabbage / A spoon of almond butter.
Courage- Sharing a story from my past with my creative coaching group.
Creativity-Working on an AimeeLovesYou internet art project. :) -Exciting...
Bliss!- Feeling the energy & the love in my creative coaching group. (-Sometimes I just adore people & think that they are the best thing ever!)


Water- 1 liter. Tomorrow I will drink more. I was thirsty today, so I know 1 liter is not enough.
Sun- Running in full sun. / Eating lunch outdoors.
Sweat- Walked a long walk hauling a fruit load. / Ran at a good pace with no stopping from El Cerrito to Berkeley (California). Not that far, but far compared to my usual quickie runs.
Strength- Nope
Stretch- Nope.
Sweets- Two small melons. Not sure of the type. One was really-really good! 
Veggies- Pattypan summer squash dish mixed with dressing & red shredded cabbage. / Sample platter of three different veggie salads shared at a restaurant.
Courage- Reaching out to people that I don't know. I really want to branch out & be brave! The world is getting smaller & I want my circle to become bigger. :)
Creativity- Exploring new ways to grow & meet new people. Being creative with the opportunities & the access I have to live a fuller & more adventurous life.
Bliss!- Being acknowledged for my work. :) Yay!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Today was fantastic. I enjoyed every minute. :)

Being selective - doing less - is the path of the productive.
Focus on the important few, and ignore the rest.
Lack of time is actually a lack of priorities.

Water- Only 0.5 liter.
Sun- Piers! Had a great time sitting outside on the piers in San Francisco.
Sweat- Worked up a good sweat strength training in the park.
Strength- 5 sets x 20 reps of the following; modified pull-ups, j-jacks, leg-lifts, vertical stairs, hops-ups.
Stretch- Hanging from a bar.
Sweets- Watermelon / Orange melon smoothie / Lemonade
Veggies- Patty pan summer squash dish with basil-tomato sauce.
Courage- Writing what my heart felt. Sometimes you have to be brave when you're being honest with yourself.
Creativity- Working on ads for new clients & re-working my AimeeLovesBeing page on my website.
Bliss!- Sitting in front of a HUGE window facing the beautiful San Francisco bay working on my laptop. / Spending time with my mom watching the waves & chatting about life.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Water- Drank 1 liter.
Sun- Lunch in the park.
Sweat- During a long walk carrying a heavy fruit load. / During a short run.
Strength- 20 leg-lifts, 20 elevated push-ups, 20 dips.
Stretch- Forward bends, side twists & back rolls.
Sweets- Banana-papaya smoothie / Orange honeydew melon / Fresh figs / Jujubes (with a spoon of almond butter) / Banana-papaya-nectarine smoothie
Veggies- None.
Courage- Working on ads for new clients.
Creativity- Working on my AimeeLovesYou website.
Bliss!- Taking time to watch a hummingbird. / Walking past a huge jasmine bush. -Smelled amazing!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

What is this fruit?

It grows in abundance here in Northern California on pretty trees that bloom with pink flowers. I think it's Asian, but I can't find any information on it. It tastes fantastic! Like a ball of apricot jam with many textures. It's hard to describe the taste, the appearance is easier to write about. The outside is completely round, yet bumpy to the touch. The bumps are right red dots with a translucent background that reveals the inside color. The inside is a bright orange. My snap shot above does not show it's beauty. It's quite beautiful in person.

Water- 1 liter
Sun- Outside workout.
Sweat- During the 4th & 5th round of exercises.
Strength- 100 (5 sets x 20 reps) of the following; step hops, (jump up) pull-ups, stair climbs, hanging leg-lifts, clap jump-jacks.
Stretch- Nothing yet. I'll it something tonight.
Sweets- Lemonade / Bowl of mashed peaches & Mystery fruit!
Veggies- pomegranate seeds mixed into sliced cucumber & zucchini with raw tomato-basil sauce
Courage- Posting my new website on Sunday Is For Lovers. -Eek!
Creativity- Working on my AimeeLovesYou website & blogging.
Bliss!- Strength training in the park with my nephew. -Yay!

My friend Anne solved it!
Here is a link to the info on the mystery fruit...
Thanks Anne! :) Xo!

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Water- 1 liter.
Sun- Walking outside. / Eating lunch outside.
Sweat- Sweated while walking with produce loads.
Strength- Nope.
Stretch- Nope.
Sweets- Mixed figs (Adriatic, Kadoka, Candy Stripe, Turkey) / Lemonade
Veggies- Sliced Fennel, carrots, celery with dressing & fresh corn.
Courage- Taking out time for restful moments when I knew I had work to do for myself.
Creativity- Blogging for "Sunday Is For Lovers", -preparing for tomorrow.
Bliss!- Being in the sun's warm rays.